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More Laundry Mess. (sigh)

I made a mistake and flushed some food down my toilet today. Old mac and cheese and some watermelon...

This evening I found both of these -- and water -- all over the laundry room floor. What??? More flooding? I thought this was FIXED!

So I phone the plumber. I get Richard (the father), not Rich (the son). He says he'll get Rich and be 'right over.' Sure. And he told me I shouldn't have flushed food -- toilets are only for flushing the usual things. Really? In my entire life of flushing food I've never heard this before. How does food that hasn't gone through the body differ so much from food that has?

Rich finally comes over and guess what? This is THEIR mistake. They've misplaced the cover to the sewer pipe in the laundry room (???) and left it uncovered. There's some rubber ball thing that's used for testing purposes that WAS left inside. This is inflated during the testing -- but once the inflation goes down, it can slip inside the pipe -- which is what happened. Then it blocks things and guess what happens?

It could have been worse. It could have been feces, but wasn't. Still, there might be urine. And the food mess was NASTY.

Rich fixed the problem, but guess who cleaned up the actual mess?

If you guessed Marilyn and me, then you're right. What a disgusting situation.

Marilyn was snapping photos -- a very good idea...

Anyway, we're less than happy. I was a bit upset (try mildly hysterical) on the phone with Richard -- who blamed me. And now guess what? Marilyn thinks he owes me an apology. I was right to be so upset.

And if I hadn't flushed the food, what we might have eventually found could have been a lot nastier...

Well, we both know we should have the cleanup crew back, but we can't face it. Rich has said he'll be back to do more tomorrow -- and the mood Marilyn's in, he'd damn well better be!

Nice end to the day. (sigh)

Tags: 2011, anger, flooding, food, house, june-2011, marilyn, plumbing, rich-e

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