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Festival Weekend? We Survived!

Yes, Marilyn and I survived the big festival weekend! In fact, things are GREAT!

I've just been too busy (and tired) to post, honestly...

Anyway, I'll try hard to share more tomorrow. Even though most of the festival is over for us (there's another weekend with events coming up, but we're not that involved), there's a lot to get done this coming week...

Unfortunately, sister Sue has been pretty sick the last couple of days -- so she didn't get to attend the Grand Floral Parade (!!!), or the events last night and this afternoon with us. (Or go down to CityFair with us...)

Hopefully she'll get to see her doctor tomorrow so we can all find out what's going on with her health... (Marilyn and I are pretty worried.)

Henry continues to do better and better! Those pills are really a miracle. AND he's been 'rope a dope-ing' again (woo hoo) -- always the best sign that he's feeling really good!

Our backhoe is now gone, so the outdoor part of fixing the house is over. (smile) Next we'll need to tackle inside!

And that's about it for now...

Tags: busy, cityfair, doctor, event, festival, gfp, henry-tudor-cat, house, june-2011, marilyn, medicine, sister-sue, work

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