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Facebook, PA Meeting and Busy, Busy...

What a crazy busy day -- yes, again.

The day started with me home -- to meet up with the workmen who were coming to finish up the Main. That went really well, by the way. So now we can flush (!!!), wash laundry and dishes and run water as necessary. All good things.

I did a lot of Facebooking for the festival today. And I did do an exact count, but I sent out right around 100 (!!!) emails today. The number stunned me when I realized it was that high... There's just so much to do -- and so much of our work is done via email.

Marilyn and I went to the PA Meeting this afternoon for GFP. After that we got food and stopped briefly by the house. Then we headed back to the office and were there until past 10:00 p.m. It's nice to finally be home.

Our friend Martha came by the office today to pick up her tickets -- and visited with me until I had to leave for the meeting. It was nice to see her.

The IT Room AC situation was a mess all day long. The two City guys were there. In and out and voices of doom. I'd ask how it was going and they'd say something like 'not very well' over and over. Really? They supposedly fixed it while I was out, but late tonight it was really hot up there again...

Sister Sue dropped by after we got home to pick up her tickets and talk about the insurance and so on. She's been such a big help lately! It really means a lot to both Marilyn and me.

Poor Henry needs his medicine really bad. We need to get him in to see his vet next week. Both cats are missing us, as we're gone so much now...

Well, I have garbage and recycling to do that I haven't even STARTED yet -- so I'd better go. My right eye is bothering me, so I'm squinting like crazy. At least there's no pain right now. I'm tired, so I hope we get to bed sometime soon.

Tomorrow is another big day...

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