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Saved by LiveJournal

Saved by LiveJournal -- and previous blog entries -- yet again! (woo hoo)

I wrote THIS ENTRY back in September of 2009. Then when I needed a video converter today at work, I just went to both my LJ Memories and tags -- which directed me to the entry I've linked.

I downloaded the software application, converted the video for my boss Jeff and became an instant hero (however small). That's a good little software -- very user-friendly. I was done in no time.

And I didn't have to hunt for it, because I'd used it before and had the link right here in my blog. Gotta love LiveJournal and blogging!!!

Well, it's another crazy-busy day. I spoke to Rich (the plumber) earlier, and our work apparently went just fine. So we should be going home to a fixed Main -- plus working toilets and running water!

I guess the final question is whether or not the City will get around to doing their part of the work soon -- because from what I understand, it's a mess on their side, too. Which means we could still have flooding until they get the work in the street done... (sigh)

I'm not borrowing trouble -- I'm just a bit paranoid, which I think it perfectly understandable.

So I suppose I won't be doing laundry or dishes again tonight. I did shower and wash my hair this morning, but I hate to push it right now.

The Elmer's event today -- lunch with the Clown Prince and the Court -- went very nicely. Marilyn and I actually had lunch -- and were served by Sue and various Princesses. Plus we had a 'visit' from the Clown Prince, of course. I got some decent photos and used them at Facebook after I got back...

Today is about the website, plus putting out fires. Actually, I thought I was going to have to literally put out a fire in the IT Room!!! I noticed last Saturday (it seems like weeks ago, by the way) that it was hot up near my desk and in the IT Room. But when I came in today I was shocked! The minute I got to the top of the stairs it got quite hot. My desk was very hot. And the IT Room was super hot! It also smelled hot, which is not a good thing. With our Sever and Phone Server both there, we needed help -- but quick.

Ashley contacted the City about it. Then Marilyn, Ashley and I went to the Elmer's event around noon. When we got back, it was even hotter! So I told her and she contacted them again, telling them it was urgent. Finally they came over. They said we had some bad fuses. They changed them. It didn't fix things. Now it turns out we have a bad transformer that they need to replace. At one point they were trying to blame the Trane guy for the issue -- but I stopped that pretty damn quick! He hasn't been here in ages (almost a year, I think) -- and he both fixed one important issue and discovered another one, so...

I've had a fan running straight at me on top of my desk all day long. (sigh) Thank God Marilyn knew where it was so I could use it...

I made some important contact phone calls today and did some ticket stuff. It's now close to 7:00 p.m. -- and I should go check in with Marilyn...

That's part of my day -- how is YOUR day going?

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