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Another Busy Day.

I should share photos, but it's too much trouble and I'm too tired to bother...

The guys (many of them) were here today to dig the holes so they can do the work repairing the Main. I got to meet the owner of the company -- and he's the son of a guy who was a long-time festival volunteer. It's a small world...

I did some website stuff, too. But I'm having pain in my right eye, on and off. Not sure why. It might be eye strain, it could be the dust and other stuff. Or just the fact that it got so dry in the house during the restoration treatments! I can't even tell you how crazy dry it was with those machines...

I need to get in to see the eye doctor, but it's hard to know when I'll have time. I guess we'll see... He's downtown now, so I should be able to see him much easier than before.

Marilyn and I are happy to be downstairs in the family room right now watching TV. We're watching "Dawn of the Dead" (the remake). We like zombie movies (as people probably know). It's gruesome, there's no doubt. And we're also watching a FAVE movie, "Angels & Demons." We love that film and have seen it countless times...

We're both tired and about ready for a nap, that's for sure...

Marilyn worked on the Grand Floral Parade script today (that Shannon started and I edited). It's pretty close to done, I'm happy to say. Shannon did an amazing job. (I may have said that before... smile...)

This movie is sad -- there are a ton of cool characters and they all die... (sigh)

The cats are prowling around. They're still adjusting to all the changes in the house, which is no surprise. I think they've been dealing really well, actually.

I bought a bunch of 'healthy' food today -- cherries, salad and so on. I thought we could mix them in with our less-healthy comfort foods. (grin)

The workmen will be doing the main part of the job on the Main tomorrow (bursting), which means that they need us not to use water or flush the toilet until they're done (we're talking several hours). I was planning to go to work at the office anyway, so this is no problem. We've got an event at Elmer's (with the Court) -- and Marilyn and I need to work on our tickets.

They can always phone us if they need us for anything...

Well, time for a nap.

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