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Another Busy HOUSE Day.

Marilyn got up early to watch the tennis final (Rafa won). I was tired and didn't -- and I even wanted to sleep later than I did. (Oh well.)

Sue and Dennis came over today so we could focus on the house -- putting more things into the dumpster and talking about doing some improvements to the garage (shelves and stuff) so we could get more organize. If storage was better there, we could use it more -- which might mean less stuff in the house.

Anyway, we did dump loads more stuff, so that's automatically LESS in the house. I'm still working on it (and will go back to it after this entry), because they pick up the dumpster first thing in the morning.

We re-arranged the family room, putting it back in shape so it's more like 'normal' (or as normal as it can get right now). This was important to us, as we usually spend much of our time there (especially in the evenings).

I just managed to move our heavy, old TV (not a flat screen, to give you an idea) back into the family room from Marilyn's bedroom where it was put by the men. I'm proud that I got it all hooked up and sort of working. The DVR still seems not to be working, but we'll see what happens after it's been plugged in again for a bit. (I can always phone them if need be for support.)

We were watching TV, anyway -- and both a DVD and video tape! So we're not without TV in that room, which is awesome!

Marilyn did the bills today and we took them down to mail them at the main post office downtown. We needed to go there anyway, so we could use the copy machine at work. We needed copies of stuff for sister Sue to have for insurance tomorrow. The guys are coming around 9:00 a.m. to start the work on the Main, so I'll be staying home again (I need to give them the check for half down).

We walked over to CityFair to check things out, but it had closed early. The whole area is expecting horrible storms -- thunder, lightning, rain and HAIL (!!!). And it's been so humid all day long! (ugh)

The cats seem happy now that we have food downstairs for them. (We moved their litter boxes back down to the laundry room last night -- also a good thing.) They've both been remarkably good during all of this!

I dumped a huge bag of shoes today (some almost new). But NOT in the dumpster! My neighbor took them. What she can't use she'll give to charity.

I feel very BLESSED tonight. Things are more like normal, family and dear friends have been wonderfully helpful and supportive.

As always, life is good!

I've got a lot of festival work to do tomorrow. I hope I won't be too distracted by the house stuff so I can really get in and take care of it.

That's it for tonight.

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