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My Thursday Entry? Seems Like Weeks Ago...

Every single day seems like a week, I swear. Time goes so freaky during the festival...

Anyway, we had to wait for the delivery of our backhoe (huge piece of equipment), so we were really late getting to the VIP Party. The food was gone (!!!), but we had drinks. Marilyn actually a bit too much to drink. (smile)

No room service, so I went off and got us something to eat and took it back to the room. She ate and was much better -- never really sick, nor did she have a hangover, thankfully!

We enjoyed staying overnight at Spirit Mountain, so we'll do that again for sure.

We couldn't stay long this morning. We had to head back to meet with our restoration guys...

Then later today we had the Starlight Parade. Our role was to stay in the office and check in zombies. They were soooooo cool!!!

Then we watched the parade on TV while Marilyn worked on GFP instructions (it's one week away, now). And waited for zombies to come back and pick up their stuff. We left the office to come home around 1:00 a.m. (it's now just past two), which is why I didn't get around to blogging for Saturday. (sigh)

We're heading to bed soon. Marilyn has tennis early in the morning -- and we're doing more house stuff before we lost the dumpster early Monday morning.

The guys took away all the massive equipment from inside the house today. So we've let the cats go downstairs to explore. They're not sure about it and are really prowling around. I don't blame them -- it's not like Marilyn and I like it, either! (grin) But there doesn't appear to be any odor at all, so they did a good job! (woo hoo)

The work on the Main starts early Monday -- and should be done by Wednesday. Meanwhile, the festival goes on -- and we're keeping extremely busy!

That's it for today...

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