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Sleep? Not That Easy Right Now...

I didn't sleep very well last night, I'm afraid.

First off, the equipment downstairs that's drying everything out sounds a lot like a helicopter is hovering our house and about to land on it. (When the guys dropped today to check things and do more work -- and I told them that -- they both laughed at the description. The one guy said, "Yeah, it's pretty loud." What an understatement!)

Secondly, the cats litter boxes have to go somewhere upstairs. There's two of them inside those house-like holders -- so they're big. Both yesterday and part of today they had to be locked up somewhere with food and cat boxes, and the most convenient place is my bedroom. While it's not about the obvious source of stink, it is about the actual litter. The dust makes me pretty allergic, I must admit. I'm sometimes bothered a bit when one of the cats comes to me after having been in a box, but having both boxes inside my bedroom is just difficult... (Even with the door wide open for some circulation, by the way...)

So I was somewhat tired today -- though I didn't have any time to indulge it, believe me! I didn't actually crash until around 7:30 p.m. -- and I don't recall drifting off. I got around 90 minutes of much-needed sleep!

The rest of the day was spent dealing with the house stuff brought on by the flooding, plus dealing with festival work (!!!). Thankfully sister Sue was here to do most of the stuff with the insurance guy, but after she left I had to take over (plus he came back again later). And I had to later talk with the actual agent. Then he sent over a plumbing guy, too. I made numerous phone calls in the morning and typed up a list of stuff that was what Marilyn and I came up with, combined with what Sue had done.

I did a bunch of miscellaneous festival work and website stuff. Then had a phone meeting with Shannon and worked on the GFP script in mid to late afternoon (and early evening). Marilyn and I will work on finishing that up over the weekend. I did send an unfinished draft to Marilyn to send on to the TV script guy, but it has quite a few mistakes that I fixed in my version (v3). So he'll need to get that version tomorrow...

The smell from the downstairs isn't horrible, but it does set my allergies off. So I haven't spent much time downstairs -- except when I've had to today. And I made an effort to keep the door to downstairs closed as much as possible. One of the guys working on this was smart enough to close the door to Marilyn's bedroom, so the air in there isn't half bad. She's actually thinking we should both sleep in there and let the cats sleep in my room, so we might try that. The bed is a king, so there's plenty of room to share it if we end up doing that. (Those kings are WIDE beds!)

Anyway, it's been a hugely busy day for both of us. She didn't get home until 9:00-ish -- too late to go shopping at Ross as we'd hoped to. We've got an event to attend tomorrow night that requires new clothes, so I suppose we'll either shop late tonight at WalMart, or have to find time in the middle of the day tomorrow. Instead of lunch? As if we tend to take lunch this time of year! (Right.) I don't know, but we need new outfits, like it or not. (sigh)

And we can NOT skip the event, like it or not. Our sponsors really, really want both of us there, so... Besides, I'm sure we'll have a good time.

Well, I'm headed for a nap -- in case we do go shopping later. And because I'm still pretty tired from both yesterday and today (and almost no sleep last night). That nap was nice today, but doesn't replace the sleep I missed. And yesterday was exhausting.

Interesting thing today: The insurance guy came with his expert restoration guy -- and apparently they were both impressed and shocked that four women had been able to neatly box up and move all the stuff we did yesterday! They'd asked Sue who we'd had do it! Right, like there was time to hire someone for the job -- and like someone else would know how to box our stuff.

I told her that if we -- with our events experience -- could do a job like that, which required organization and hard work, then we were in the wrong line. (smile) I think the guys were partly just curious as to how we did all that heavy lifting, little wonder.

The weather today was iffy, at best -- still a lot of rain. But we're supposed to get an 80° sunny day for the Starlight Parade on Saturday, believe it or not (!!!). We sure need it...

Good news! Marilyn's back is almost entirely pain-free now (finally)! Thank God. Your kind thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated -- thanks! Her legs are sore from all the trips up and down stairs yesterday, though, poor dear. (I hear that.)

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