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Memorial Day!

We survived it! (smile)

Actually, I finally peed this evening (after four bottles of water) and it was orange, and not very much. So I'm sucking down more water, because I clearly need it...

That aside, Marilyn and I are both dead tired. This is an exhausting day for both of us. Sort of a toss up with Grand Floral Parade day as to which is more difficult (maybe it's a tie).

Sister Sue came and helped out (and marched) -- with her friend Bruce. I'm so glad they were both there!

The weather stayed great until 5:00 p.m. when it started to rain again (sigh) -- which was good for all the Memorial Day events (they're over by then), but bad for CityFair. That's generally the time people start to really show. (sigh)

The March had more participants and more spectators -- and went really well. More about it tomorrow. (I'm too tired for details tonight.) And the Commemoration Ceremony was excellent! Everything looked great on that huge stage in RoZone, we had a big crowd and the fly-by and cannons all happened exactly on time! (woo hoo)

Marilyn and I headed from there to Float Maneuverability, which went fine. Then shopping at WalMart AND Freddies. Then home to unpack everything...

Now we've changed clothes and watched a tiny bit of TV. And I'm headed for a nap.

Tomorrow Marilyn has a KILLER-busy day. I need to get the Starlight scrip done first thing tomorrow morning -- it needs to go to print in the afternoon, to be back for Wednesday. So I'll be working in our home office. (I can NOT afford to be interrupted by IT stuff tomorrow...)

I need to talk about all the GREAT stuff that happened today, but I'm just too tired now. But I'll really try to get to it soon!

I hope all my American friends enjoyed Memorial Day. It's good to REMEMBER!

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