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Concert Tonight -- Memorial Day Tomorrow!

After a very busy day, Marilyn, sister Sue and I attended the concerts in the RoZone tonight. We got special passes to sit in the exclusive Lounge area, with free food and drinks (both alcohol and non). We each had a beer and piles of food. And we were in a tent -- a good thing, as it poured down rain much of the time. (sigh)

Not that the crowds in attendance seemed to mind -- I didn't see anyone leaving. But I'm sure it wasn't great overall for CityFair...

I got my much-needed hair cut earlier today (!!!), while Marilyn got a manicure (fill). I had to have my thumbnail fixed, as I'd managed to split it (not easy to do, by the way). Happily, it didn't require a rip off and re-do -- just a re-apply of the solar stuff.

The hair cut is now perfect on top, where it wasn't quite so last time. Jean talked about the passes I gave her for her family for wristband night (last Friday) -- and was very excited about it. They stayed from 5:00 until the fireworks display (which happened close to 10:00 p.m.), so you can imagine they were having a lot of fun!

Marilyn met both Christian Kane and Justin Moore (who I guess is quite small). I liked Walker Hayes, who performed before Christian -- and Christian, for that matter. (I'm not a huge Country Western fan, but I do like it. I used to really hate it when I was younger, which I now think is really odd...)

It was not only raining, but it was COLD. I'm glad to be home and in cozy clothes. As I put on my long 'uniform' pants for hanging around the house, I pondered how I normally only wear them in WINTER. This is the strangest spring-leading-to-summer. Not only rainy, but so cold...

We're out of saltine crackers in the house, which is a staple of our diet. We eat them with almost everything and can easily make a meal out of them (with peanut butter or cheese, for example). We need to grocery shop, but we were both too damn tired. Plus Marilyn is still suffering from her kidney infection (terrible back pain).

We're headed to bed soon. Tomorrow is a huge day, starting with attending the re-dedication of the Memorial Coliseum (to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum). Then we have our Memorial Day celebration, starting with the March (now officially our fourth parade), then our Commemoration Ceremony. Then we have float maneuverability after that. (I get tired just thinking about all of it!)

And as I'm only half way through editing the Starlight script, I'll need to finish it up sometime tomorrow. (It goes to print on Tuesday -- I need to have it done before noon...)

No, Rosanna, I don't have time to sell FunCards at CityFair tomorrow -- nor do I think that's even close to the best use of my time, regardless. Sorry. (Yes, she actually asked me to do that tonight... sigh...)

Sister Sue seems excited to help me out with the March -- as did Jessica when she contacted me today. I'm excited about the event, too, which I dearly love.

Oh! I did manage to color my hair (the roots) right before we took off. And my hair looks pretty nice right now, if I do say so myself! (smile)

Charlie's hair

Anyway, I'm happy with the way it looks!

On that note, bedtime!

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