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First Day of the 2011 Festival...

Wouldn't you know? It's been raining like mad on and off all day. (sigh)

It poured while we walked down to the Vertigo -- but was dry for us to ride. Marilyn and I weren't 'invited' to ride, so we didn't expect to -- but there was room, so we got to go for the first ride! What an experience! Vertigo goes up 100 feet in the air. You sit in a 'swing' and once it reaches the top of the ride, you spin around. It was set up right near a bridge, so you can imagine how exciting it is.

And the ribbon cutting was dry, too, amazingly enough! The mayor was there, with President Sue and Queen Victoria and Jeff and the U of O Duck -- and a big crowd -- right at the huge new gate to CityFair.

Anyway, this will be quick -- Marilyn and I are tired and need to get some sleep before tomorrow (another busy festival day).

Tags: 2011, busy, cityfair, event, festival, jeff, marilyn, may-2011, mayor-sam, rain, sue-b, tired, vertigo-ride, victoria, weather

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