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Amazing Day Visiting SMC and CTGR

Today was our trip to Spirit Mountain Casino and to visit the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.

But Marilyn and I started the day getting up early so she could go to her appointment at the clinic at 7:30 a.m. Her doctor is away, so she saw a nurse practitioner. The lab results were inconclusive, but she's on antibiotics and a muscle relaxant. Tonight she's in TERRIBLE pain, I'm afraid. But she got through a long and busy day, in spite of everything... (She made the trip to Grand Ronde, went back early to work and then had Court judging tonight, too.)

We had an amazing meal at SMC (they have five of only 75 elite level chefs in the USA), then we went to see the buildings provided for the tribes by the money from SMC. I'm so impressed with the way the money has been spent. (And their sponsorship with the festival is another example of a positive way they use $$$ from the casino...)

We visited a class of very young children in a language immersion that is helping save their language and teach the culture of the tribe. Then we visited their facility for elders, who they treat with reverence. And finally we went to the plankhouse and listened to singing and drumming, then watched some dancing -- and the Court joined in dancing. They gave us gifts (I'll share descriptions and photos later), as well.

Marilyn and I are part Chinook Indian, by the way (for those who don't know) -- and when I mentioned it I was told that this is one of the tribes represented by this group. I was truly treated like 'family.' (smile)

I met an elder who was very sweet to me. I admired her cedar bracelet and she took it off and gave it to me! She had made it herself, so it's very dear to me...

I was sorry Marilyn couldn't stay to visit the plankhouse -- she'd have loved it! This is made of cedar, and the save the bark that's scraped away and use it for creating things. They presented us with ROSES made from this bark -- so wonderful!

Anyway, it was a long drive there and back (I even dozed coming home). And I started out my day with IT (again!), pushing me to be close to late leaving -- with the bus waiting for the last of us to board. (Marilyn, Sue and Jeff took a car there -- and going back Victoria rode with them. They didn't want to wait for the bus ride, needing to get back sooner.)

Fortunately, Sue took Marilyn to get her meds, which we were worried about finding time to pick up. She really needed to start the doses, so that was a good thing...

I answered emails and did some other work when we got back to the office, while waiting for Marilyn. We left the office around 8:00 p.m., which seemed early. But we did get an early start, so...

We just watched the finale of "The Biggest Loser." Now Marilyn is trying to rest while I blog. I'm headed to bed soon, believe me.

I smell like a campfire. The smoke inside the plankhouse was intense and the smell ended up in our clothes and hair. I guess my uniform will smell of it tomorrow night for the YSFF event.

Well, that's it for today! Even though the festival hasn't officially started, you can't tell it by any of the Staff!

Oh! And our new ride -- Vertigo -- was being held up in Wyoming! Marilyn worked that story nicely (grin), and they finally released it on it's way here to Portland...

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