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Event (And It's Mom's Bday...)

Well, we all survived the 'Rapture.' (smile) Seriously, when will people quit trying to predict the end of the world? I've only ever done it jokingly, myself...

Today is Mom's birthday. She would be 87 (!!!) if she were alive. (I guess I'd lost track of that...)

Today was also an event day for us (as I mentioned yesterday). Marilyn and I had great fun helping the Clown Prince (Angel) to interact with people at Elmer's. The staff was really into it and very excited to have us there. They also had face painters set up inside the door who were quite popular -- and yes, I got a rose painted on my cheek.

We handed out clown noses and festival brochures. It was HOT for Angel and us (wearing our official jackets), so we took a few 'air' breaks outside. Not only kids enjoyed it -- senior women adore Angel (he's so charming)! But lots of adults of all ages got into it -- I guess most of us are still kids at heart.

Marilyn and I also had breakfast there (they have great food).

We left us planned just after noon. Fortunately I'd passed out several business cards (I usually do) to the staff! As we were pulling out I noticed a man with a camera heading inside, but as the camera had no stickers I didn't figure it was coverage. But I got a call on my cell and had to phone Angel to come back.

We three made it there under ten minutes and got him back in costume (he takes off the clown shoes to drive and the jacket with cape to protect it). We not only got a camera (always good), but a REPORTER, as well. So Angel was on the news several times today. (And I was actually in the background at one point -- not that I planned it that way...)

After that we headed briefly to the office. I packed up a package with wristbands and other goodies for the Elmer's staff right away, so it can go in the mail tomorrow. (I'm always proud when I do something like that that I've promised in a timely fashion...)

Then we finally went home. We played some of a new HOG (hidden object game) on the computer, then had a nap (all events are tiring). Marilyn and I held up well considering we had a long and busy week last week -- today was the second event day in a row (on the weekend). Considering the festival hasn't officially kicked off yet, that's pretty amazing. (smile)

Anyway, we're heading into a very busy week -- and Friday is the start of the festival for 2011!

Please pray we get decent weather. It doesn't have to be even that nice, really -- but we need to avoid RAIN if we can. Right now they're saying rain for the entire first weekend, including Friday and Memorial Day (Monday). It would suck to have our wristband night (Friday -- opening night) rained out, as so many people have been invited to attend.

We've upgrade the Memorial Day celebration quite a bit this year, so I'd love to have it be dry. (And ideally sunny.) This is only year three of this event for us. The March is fun (and I manage it) -- and we have a wonderful Commemoration Ceremony, which will be held in our new RoZone this year...

Well, we need to head to bed soon. I'm going to try to keep posting during this week and the festival, but it does get harder and harder.

Sorry I haven't had time to read and comment (except a very little bit). In a few weeks things will be back to normal for us -- and I'll happily be more active here again! Until then, I miss you guys! (hugs)

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