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Successful Event - Open House!

We were at work by 9:00 a.m. this morning and home by 5:30 p.m. -- it was cool to have an early day! Okay, yeah, it's Saturday -- but it is that time of year for us...

I must admit to being DEAD tired, though. More setting up today, then I had website work to do. In the middle of the actual event, I was hauling computer equipment around and helping with various work things. And of course meeting and greeting and so on.

Then I showed Rob two of our PowerPoint presentations, knocking his socks off. I was actually surprised by how impressed he was. He has a conference coming to town next January, and he'd love to have Marilyn and me teach a class on it. It's flattering, but I doubt we'd do it...

I did get some website work done later, too, but not nearly as much as I'd planned. Oh well. I'm doing the best I can right now...

Sister Sue did come by -- and had her photo taken next to the dress that was on display. It was her Junior Princess dress and little hat and purse! I'd also found and brought in the large framed photo of her with her court. People were all very excited about it!

Kris was there in his Royal Rosarian role -- but he also did IT stuff for me. We're going to work out the VISA machine issue and he'll do set up onsite for CityFair on Monday, thankfully!

I also had him swap out Laura's monitor (it's starting to go out), so she has a brand new one now. The old one is going on site to CityFair...

Sue from Oak Knoll Winery was just lovely! Part of our event was a wine tasting -- they provide the official wine for the festival in bottles that have our logo on the label. This year each bottle is also numbered, which is very cool! (After the event she gave me two bottles of wine -- one I'll give to Jason and the other to Kris. Both guys LOVE wine!) I hooked her up with pins and wristbands -- and cookies and cheese, too! (smile)

I saw many people I only rarely see, got to talk to visitors (the public was invited) and tell them about our building and our history and so on. Busy, busy -- but also fun. I didn't take many photos (I was actually too busy with other things), but that's okay.

Both Marilyn and I are now ready for naps (big time) -- but planning to get up and go to the show later on.

Then we have our event at Elmer's with mascot the Clown Prince, bright and early Sunday morning! (No sleeping in either today or tomorrow, I'm afraid. Actually, we slept later than usual this morning, so I can't really complain...) Marilyn and I are the official 'handlers' for Angel. Part of the job is keeping really excited children from getting too enthusiastic with him. We've done this in the past with other performers, so no worries... (It's amazing how kids can get! They were hitting the Green Men last year -- sometimes with plastic bats and other objects. Ouch!)

I was a sweat ball in my uniform today. It really needs to be dry cleaned. But I have to wear it again soon, so whatever... (A heavy blue blazer in a hot office filled with bodies while you run here and there? You follow me, I'm sure...)

It's great to be home and in comfy clothes now. We grabbed a bite to eat and I'm sure we'll have popcorn at the show. (woo hoo)

Life is crazy-busy -- but as always, life is good!

(It's 7:30 and we're NOT working -- it seems like a holiday...)

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