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Open House Tomorrow - Work Today...

Everyone did a great job cleaning up their desks/offices today. Jessica helped Jeff out (he was pleased), but Marilyn did her own (in spite of how busy she is). Carol did a great job on her space, Rosanna and Pattye did the same in their office (which will be closed and locked, by has glass doors).

Even areas that will be closed off we're tidied, which I think is very cool. In the spirit of the upcoming event, I cleaned my own desk. (I'd already done that with the IT Room and area around the IT cabinet -- which I keep pretty decent all the time, anyway...) No one comes upstairs (unless I take them up there), so I don't need to do it, but I figure it can't hurt. And as I told Chris and Christie, even their areas need to be nice, as we get tours this time of year...

Open House starts at 11:00 a.m. and runs until 3:00 p.m. There's a wine tasting, cookies from vintage recipes and beverages, plus the Court will appear. The memorabilia on display is amazing, by the way! And Sue (our President) got tons more photos framed this time around. There are gowns going back to the 1930's everywhere on manikins. Marilyn's office is the 'royal room,' with the crown in a case, the crown ornament, the collector's Queen doll (in a case), the royal robes draped over the royal throne, the Rex Oregonus outfit and much more -- very cool stuff!

The public really turned out last year, but it was our first event, so it's hard to know what tomorrow will bring.

Meanwhile, the CityFair sign is up as of today (!!!) and is AMAZING. We're talking BIG. We're talking lit up. We're talking beautiful. And it was donated to the festival by Ramsay Signs (who also made our famous Rose sign)!

The huge RoZone stage is going up, too -- I sat in the front row of the seats and imagined what it will be like when it's done.

Exciting times!

I worked hard, mostly on website stuff (there's so much to do) -- when I wasn't nagging people to get their spaces ready. (smile) One of my many jobs...

Marilyn's email had a bad crash today (Laura's fault -- she was very sorry). Then later her Outlook was really acting up (!!!). But hopefully it's okay now (fingers crossed).

Sister Sue is coming to Open House (she missed it last year). I won't reveal the 'surprise' she'll see just inside the front door of our building, but it's pretty cool! (smile) Cousin Linda said she might come down, too. I expect a lot of people to show up.

We attended a memorial for the deceased husband of a Board member in the afternoon, so we went dressed to work, changed into our uniforms and back again. Tomorrow is a uniform day, too...

So much happens in a day now that it's hard to even recall it all! I'm sure I'm forgetting things... Our days often seem like a week packed into one day. Time gets crazy. We often talk about things that have happened the day before -- or even that morning -- as if they happened days or weeks ago! (If you're familiar with the world of special events, you know exactly how this feels.)

On the down side, Laura's guy Logan (both are in our Writing Circle) was hit by a car today. He's in my prayers, of course. I don't know any details, but I heard he was okay... Any and all good thoughts and prayers are welcome, of course.

Anyway, it's past 10:00 and I'm ready to sleep. Tomorrow will be another busy day, obviously, which is true for all actual event days.

And we're exactly ONE WEEK out from the start of the festival for 2011! I can't believe it!!! Yes, I'm in denial. Probably being sick all that time didn't help...

I know I'll get my work done, no matter what. I'm not worried about it, just busy.

I almost forgot -- I entered the Writer's Digest annual competition when I got home from work -- barely in time. Talk about putting it off until the last minute!

Off to read my Kindle before I snooze...

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