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Lovely Hot Day...

It's 80° upstairs! (whew) The result of a lovely, sunny day!

Busy, busy, BUSY day -- working mostly on the festival website (plus IT and assorted whatever). I'm dead tired and ready to sleep!

Tomorrow I'll be at the office, getting ready for our event on Saturday, doing more website and some IT, too.

Plus we have a memorial to attend in the afternoon (in uniform, mind you). I need to see if my uniform is ready to wear tomorrow. I'll also need it next Wednesday night for that event...

But I don't think (???) I'll need to wear it Saturday, at least...

Too tired to share more. Goodnight!

Tags: 2011, busy, event, festival, festival-website, funeral, hot, it-manager, it-related, marilyn, may-2011, sleep, sunny-day, tired, uniform, work

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