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Busy, Busy Day of Website and More...

For the record, today was a BEAUTIFUL, sunny day!!! Wow. Just lovely beyond words. (I hope we get a lot of days just like this during the festival!)

I got up without sleeping in this morning, thankfully, as there was so much I needed to do. (Not that I didn't want to sleep in, mind you... smile...)

I did really get a lot of festival website work done. And I really stuck to it. It's hard to believe there's still so much more to do!

I actually wrote more than 70 emails regarding work today -- most directly about the website (!!!). Shades of what it must be like to be Marilyn...

I also did some phoning. Happily both Caitlin and Jessica (at the front desk) are doing a great job, because I had to call the office repeatedly.

One of my friends (not here at LiveJournal) was a butt head today. This friend is wearing me out recently with very un-friendly behavior. (sigh) I don't have time for it right now. Behave like an adult, can you, please?

Poor sister Sue is still fighting her cold -- and not feeling all that well, I'm sorry to report. I hope she feels better by Saturday! (It's our Open House, and she wasn't able to attend last year.)

She did tell me yesterday that her friend Wayne (who is also friendly with Marilyn and me) is going to walk in the Memorial Day March with her! I'm really happy about that! If she and Wayne come early, I'll actually put them to work helping out. Heaven knows there's always plenty to do. (smile)

Marilyn and Shannon did the first draft of the lineup for the March today. I need to glance it over, because I'm the one who has been on site both years and I know how it works there the best of anyone. I'm so glad we're got an actual lineup. Last year I was throwing one together the morning of the event (just like I decided on a 'Grand Marshal' that morning). This year we're getting CARS (!!!) for our VIPs to ride in, actual banners (we have had some before, but not many) and we have Grand Marshals selected in advance. All very cool! We're only 11 days away from Memorial Day (!!!), by the way...

The last two years we've had nice weather on Memorial Day, so I'm hoping for the same this year. I heard one of the weathermen last night predicting good weather for that weekend, but it's really too early to say.

I got my garbage and recycling done with no trouble today. I also let our cats Colin and Henry go out in the back yard for a little bit. They were ready and waiting to come in when I went to look for them, and then Colin promptly came in, made a horrible moaning sound and threw up a huge bunch of chewed grass. (smile)

Marilyn didn't get home until almost 9:00 tonight. She must be beat! She picked up McDonalds for us on her way home, so no cooking tonight. Good thing, as it was up to 78° in the house today, so who wants to cook? Actually, I had food to heat up, but I'll do that tomorrow night...

I bought a new (very inexpensive) book for my Kindle today, so I'm dying to start reading it. I'll do that when I lie down for my nap (any second now). Tonight is the finale of "America's Next Top Model" (Marilyn's going to tape it, because I'm done).

And we got the movie "The Rite" yesterday on DVD -- we both LOVE that movie...

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