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Damn LiveJournal...

I HATE how LiveJournal works for TIMING an entry now. I really do.

I used to be able to start an entry at ten to midnight, and that would be the date on the entry. Now, if I start it and can't rush to finish it before 12:00 a.m., then it will date and time based on the finishing moment. It always seems like no matter how hard I try, I can't ever get it done before a new day dawns...

I've no idea who decided to make this change. (It was the other way around for YEARS here.)

Well, I guess I need to get over it. But I find myself going to edit the 'date' here more often than I'd like. Because in my mind if I started it before the day ended, then that's when it's going to be dated. (Whether LJ likes it, or not!)

On that note...

Tags: 2011, date, livejournal, livejournal-rant, may-2011

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