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Almost Midnight -- Home From Work

Marilyn and I just got home from work. It's close to midnight now.

Anyway, we're ready to grab a bite of dinner and head to bed. Big day tomorrow!

(Amanda was supposed to come tomorrow night for Marilyn's therapy, but we've switched it to Tuesday night. Good thing, otherwise I'd need to vacuum the living room after eating!)

A weird thing happened at the office. Marilyn was trying to kill a big spider in the bathroom and it got on her hand and bit her!!! She said she was making a lot of noise (she hates spiders), but I never heard a sound. My space is upstairs and the bathroom is downstairs and at the front of the building. Anyway, it looks like a nasty bite! (I wish she'd called me to kill it... sigh...)

We'll need to keep an eye on that bite. I want her to turn in an incident report at work. We've got spiders and ants and rats, too (outside). Yuck!!!

Tags: 2011, bite, busy, festival, food, marilyn, may-2011, spider, work

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