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1/2 Day Off -- Ride Up the Gorge... Petroglyphs at Horsethief Lake State Park!!!

Marilyn and I started work early (at 7:30 a.m.) -- knowing that we were going to take a well-earned half-day off today.

After she got home we had a nice lunch of leftover Mexican food, followed by a nap. Then we headed up the Columbia River Gorge for a ride!

We went across the river at Biggs Junction to the Washington (state) side to drive back, and ended up going to Horsethief Lake State Park. We saw a sign directing to the Petroglyphs and decided to take it -- and were we ever glad we did!

We've never visited the Petroglyphs before, though we've long wanted to view 'She Who Watches' (which can only be viewed by making an appointment to tour the trail). Frankly, we'd never been to Horsethief Lake State Park, which seems lovely.

Anyway, we got some GREAT photos of the Petroglyphs -- and you can check some of them out HERE (sorry, I was too lazy tonight to actually resize and code them into my blog).

We also went to a nearby Indian cemetery, drove through Schreiner Farms (where they have a couple varieties of deer -- plus zebras and camels on display) and saw a herd of buffalo grazing. This with summer-like weather (yes!!!) and a visit to a Pilot-stop-slash-McDonals (we got fries and other fun stuff). What a GREAT time we had!!!

You wouldn't believe how much we enjoyed this half day off. It felt like taking a vacation, after so many days of working 14-plus hours recently.

Anyway, we decided to skip going to see a movie after we got back home, so we'll head to bed soon. We have the St. Johns Parade tomorrow (we're officially escorting Queen Victoria, and we'll be walking in the parade behind the Royal Rosarian float), so we need the rest... (Please pray it doesn't RAIN on us, will you? I'm still fighting the tail end of the flu, and don't need to get WET if I can help it!)

I did spend my morning on IT and some RUSH web-related work (I worked straight through without a break until Marilyn got home here). And I have a bunch of website stuff to do this morning, too. But it was worth it for the fun we had this afternoon!

Maybe I'll find time to read a little here at LiveJournal, too. But I'm not holding my breath! What a GREAT Friday the 13th -- I'm so HAPPY!!!

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