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Thanks, LiveJournal! (And Me, Too...)

Today I needed to download and USE an audio converter -- and quickly! I had more than one on my old computer, but since the new tower, I just haven't found time to install all the software I need... (sigh) That's what comes of being so busy all the time. (smile)

Anyway, you all know how I often tend to use my LiveJournal blog as one big NOTEBOOK, where I keep track of things. I'm telling you, the cyber world is such a big help. I don't know what I did before the internet.

I went right to my Memories here and discover THIS entry that reminded me of my fave converter (made by Koyotesoft). So I was soon in business!

For those of you who don't make PowerPoints for work and don't need to embed music into them, such audio conversions might never prove necessary! In PowerPoint, the ONLY form of music that will embed is an WMA (.wma) -- so I've constantly been converting music from other formats (mainly MP3s) since 2007...

Tomorrow night is our Spring Board Meeting, so Marilyn's been working on the PowerPoint presentation for it all day long -- and I've been helping out when and where I could. I did things like changing solid-background JPGs into transparent-background PNGs, make a background slide and so on. But the conversion was the most important thing (and didn't take long, after I had the software in place!).

Aimee quit this morning, so a ton of my day was spent on the fallout from that (with more to come in the future). Let's just say Aimee was not a good match for the festival, and it's probably best she quit now, before the phones got any busier (as they will).

Other IT things cropped up like mad today, too. (yikes) So I'll be meeting with Kris tomorrow about some of those. And he has to do the CityFair computer setup this Friday, as he's out of state all next week for training... (Laura hadn't wanted him until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, but that's how it goes.)

Sister Sue and I went to lunch and had Mexican food -- and I brought piles home for dinner tonight. (Part of the food was a mistake, but whatever -- we'll eat it!)

Marilyn's FINALLY home from work (it's just past 10:00 p.m. now), and is washing her hair. I have to wash mine tonight, too.

Anyway, we're going to have our (quite late) dinner, then hopefully go to bed. Tomorrow promises to be a very busy day!

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