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Work Today (at Home and the Office)

Marilyn and I did a lot of work on the festival website here at home today -- and it went smoothly, as it always does when we sit side-by-side to work.

Later we went in to the festival office and work for several hours. I felt I got a lot done, even though there's a ton more to do (IT-wise). I think Marilyn got a lot done, too -- even though I know of at least one big project she didn't have time to start.

Anyway, I'm now home working on the PSSCA website (!!!) -- and looking forward to a nap, big time. (smile)

Tomorrow the last intern (Shannon) starts -- so I'll be going in for another Orientation session. (My last one was last Monday, with Greg.)

Shannon will be sitting in the area that was Kristen's (and will eventually be Ashley's). We're going to have Shannon sharing the space -- storage-wise -- with both Ashley and Alex. And at the current time I have computer towers in there, as well, that need work. I don't want to haul them upstairs, so I'll probably just work on them right there. (Or otherwise over at the area that Lilia has been using since December -- that used to be Laura's space.)

I'm upset (disappointed?) to have discovered that all the signs I put up everywhere in the office indicating space letters were taken down at some point while I was out sick. I was fighting tears over this, as it took me ages (hours?) to get them all up in place -- and I really need them for IT purposes. But I'm trying not to give a damn about it. I wonder how I'm supposed to do my IT projects when I'm not allowed any identification of each space? I also used that as a way to identify which chair went where. I suppose it doesn't matter to anyone else but me (except for Kris, who also needs it for doing computer work). It only makes it REALLY HARD on the two of us. It was a great way for us to both communicate back and forth about equipment, ports and so on -- which takes FOREVER to write out without being able to say something as simple as "Go to C and check the speakers" and so on... I don't think I can bring myself to communicate about it with the man who apparently took things down. (And I hope I don't run into him soon, because I don't know how I'll feel when I next see him -- even though he's always been a very dear friend of mine...)

Even if this putting up of location signs is ever okayed in the future, I don't know that I want to be the one to do it again. I went to great trouble to find the letters used -- and then to put them all up (entirely alone). Right now I'm wondering why I bothered -- and certainly why I'd ever bother again. This seems like a question of respect, to me. Respect for the IT work I do, and respect for the time I spent on this project, as well. But I guess we all have to deal with things like this, so I'm dropping it. But you know what? I immediately realized that this is going to make the mapping of ports (which REALLY NEEDS to be done) next to IMPOSSIBLE. And I haven't been looking forward to that task to begin with. (sigh) So maybe I'll just turn that into a PAID project that Kris can do without my help. A job which will take probably twice as long without the locations being clearly marked. I could try and get other Staff members to help, but I don't think it would even make sense without marked locations. Why even bother to think about this? Nobody but me really cares if those ports are mapped -- or would even know why it matters.

On that depressing note, I'm going to go finish up my work and go to bed.

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