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Zuma and Mexican Dinner...

So, I didn't mention that we had a sort-of Cinco de Mayo dinner tonight -- with homemade tacos. They were good, but we both got indigestion (!!!) from the meat, I'm afraid... (sigh)

By the way, if you're thinking Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, you're wrong... (smile)

So Marilyn and I had our usual after-dinner nap -- then got up and played some Zuma. Now we're headed to bed!

She gets her hair done tomorrow, and we both need to work at the office...

We're thinking about going to the show with sister Sue -- we'll see how that works out.

Tags: cinco-de-mayo, festival, food, hair, marilyn, may-2011, movie, nap, office, sister-sue, work, zuma

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