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Busy Again -- Yes, Indeed! Damn Festival Phones, Anyway...

So my plan for today was to take it easy -- plus color my hair. It's past 9:00 p.m. and I'm finally coloring my hair, at long last. To say the least, today did NOT go as planned...

This morning I got emails from both Aimee and Carol that the phones were out (again). So I tried to reach Marilyn via cell phone, and when I couldn't I phoned Carol. It was amusing when she started to tell me about the phones, as I thought it would be a sign that I knew considering I was calling her on her cell. Anyway, she got Marilyn for me who didn't even know the phones were out at that point.

I needed to go in to fix them, so sister Sue was kind enough to come over and take me down. She then needed to go see her son (he's in the hospital, currently), so she and I discussed her possibly bringing me back home on her way home -- which is what happened. She and I also went to have Starbucks, as by then I had a bad sore throat and was fighting off losing my voice -- so I had hot tea.

It's frustrating that I can't really drink cold beverages right now, as they make my throat so much worse...

Anyway, Rudy was a big help with the phones today. I really like Rudy and prefer to work with him, rather than others from his company. The problem was actually with Broadvox, by the way (as it was last time, too). Hopefully this will fix things for the next couple of months, as I'd prefer not to deal with phone issues during the festival this year (as we did in 2010).

I was tired and actually had bowel issues again this afternoon. What a pain. I can't seem to get over this crap entirely, yet. But I ate yogurt (I need to do that more often, clearly) and drank apple cider vinegar (straight from the bottle, mind you), so by evening I was okay again. And my voice seems much improved, too (partly from not talking, I admit).

Marilyn is at an event tonight (a Royal Rosarian dinner), so I'm home alone.

I watched the movie "Thrill of a Romance," with Van Johnson and Esther Williams, which was an odd movie in many ways. I must admit I really enjoyed Lauritz Melchior as the famous opera singer Nils Knudsen, plus seeing Susan and Tommy Dorsey, as well -- in spite of a pretty flawed story. Oh well -- it was fun to watch Esther dive and swim, plus she's lovely out of the pool, too. I'm not a huge Van Johnson fan, but I guess these two did several romance films together (in spite of the fact there were no sparks between them in real life).

And that's it for today!

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