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Another Busy Day...

Both late last night and today I spent quite a bit of time working on the festival website. I needed to create a new webpage for the Clown Prince (the new festival mascot), and just doing the graphics took some time. I couldn't seem to get a header banner I liked, but finally made one that pleased me...

I also had other website work to do, so it kept me busy. Plus Greg called and had no printer access, so I had to Remote on to his computer and fix that. It's a weird thing, in most cases when you set up a profile it will include all the shared the printers by default -- but randomly this won't be the case, and you have to manually add them. It's not that complicated to do, but it's easier if I just do it, rather than try to walk someone through the steps.

I also decided to do the paperwork for my health insurance, so I could get it mailed in. (It's a little late, but shouldn't be a problem. I'm a tiny bit worried that it's totally changed in format from the past, but I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens with it...)

Sue phoned in the morning and said she be over between 12:00 noon and 12:30 so we could go to Freddies. I needed to shop and we wanted to have lunch together (and Starbucks) at the deli.

I was supposed to color my hair today, but I was both too busy and too tired to get to it. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow!

I got dressed and ready in the morning, then kept on working (I have plenty to do, that's for sure). Suddenly I glanced at the clock and saw it was 12:45 -- so I phoned Sue. She'd been watching her show (soap opera) and fallen asleep! Anyway, she finally got here past 1:00, and then I asked if we could go to the post office and mail my health insurance in, which she was fine with. After that, we headed shopping. I got the most important thing -- kitty litter -- and a few other things, too. And we both had Starbucks and a bite to eat.

Marilyn had asked if I could go to RiteAid and pick up meds, but there wasn't time. Sue needed to get Nicole from school and take her to the orthodontist. (She said she'd gladly take me tomorrow, though.) I know I have meds to pick up, but with work and being sick, it just hasn't happened.

After I got home I put stuff away and started the garbage and recycling (which is why I needed the kitty litter). Then I went back to work on website stuff, emails that needed answering and so on.

Then I had to get in and empty out the upstairs fridge -- from top to bottom. (sigh) Both Marilyn and I had noticed a bad smell, so I needed to get rid of anything that might have gone off. As currently I can barely smell things at all (because of the effects of the flu), I gave up trying to tell which items had odors and just dumped a TON of stuff. I might have tossed some good food with the bad, but whatever. The odor is now gone, so I clearly found whatever was the problem (which I admit I'm still not sure of). That project took ages, going from bottom drawers to the main section and the freezer, but I'm glad I finally did it.

Finally I forced myself to get in and really work on the garbage and recycling so I could get it done. I felt so TIRED. In fact, I was near tears at one point from feeling too tired for words. But I finally finished up.

After that I collapsed on the sofa. I was just sprawled there. Marilyn phoned me on her way home and we decided on McDonalds for dinner. She picked me up and we went out to get it. By the time we got home to eat it was close to 8:00 p.m. After eating we both headed for much-needed naps!

Marilyn had a hugely busy day, including meeting after meeting. She gave a speech at lunch, so she never had a break all day. Twelve-hour days seem like a luxury at this point, so our expectations aren't to work less than that. But we do end up tired, and never seem to get enough sleep.

I guess we're both still worn out after being so sick with that awful flu. But I am improved, though still coughing a little and fighting a sore throat. I don't want to lose my voice, because it makes work very hard if I can't talk!

I'm working from home again tomorrow, then in the office on Friday. I plan to Remote in tomorrow and set up Shannon's profile on her computer (she starts on Monday, so I'll be going in for Orientation with her -- she should be the last one I need to do for this season). Anyway, that's why I should be able to finally color my hair!

Friday evening (May 6) we have the Equestrian Workshop (which fell on May 7 last year). It's way, way out in Camus, so we'll try to come home and have a bite to eat and change clothes before we drive all the way there. Mark might go along to try and shoot some video.

Well, I have a few minor things to take out to the garbage, and then I'm off to bed. I'm dead beat. I have work I could be doing, but I'm just not up for it tonight, so it will have to wait!

This time of year is always busy, so that's how it goes. I wish I had time to check up on everyone, but maybe over the weekend. (I don't know if we're planning to attend Train Day on Saturday, but I think Marilyn has a hair appointment, so maybe not...)

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