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No Notifications. (Yes, Again.)

Yes. Yes, yes, YES -- I love it when you comment to my blog entries here!

And I always try to read them. Often try to reply, too.

But unless NOTIFICATIONS are working for me (they were for awhile), then I often don't even see what you've said...

I wish my schedule right now would allow me the time to go in every day and check to see if people have commented to me, but I'm so busy at work. Worse yet, if I comment to YOU -- and then you reply -- it's nearly impossible for me to ever track that!

Marilyn is so frustrated by this happening AGAIN that it's soured her a great deal on LiveJournal. She has so little free time at all (seriously, folks) that it makes her feel terrible to use it when she won't even know if it matters to her LJ Friends or not...

I can't say that I blame her. When your minimum work day is 12 hours (usually FAR longer and often with no lunch break), then every spare minute counts a lot. (And we're often working 7-day weeks now, too...)

I pray (truly pray) that notifications will eventually be FIXED (again) and work ALL the time. Marilyn and I both LOVE LiveJournal -- and have since we started blogging here back in 2002. I'm never going away, notifications or no, but it really does make a difference, I'm afraid.

On that note, it's 7:44 here -- and I need to get back to work (on the festival website).

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