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Work at the Office

I worked at the office today -- the first time in weeks! It was good to be back.

Marilyn and I were there from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (but we did take a lunch break around 12:30 p.m.). It was a long day -- especially for my first day back after being sick for so long. But I got a lot done.

It was actually a crazy day. One of the monitors (Alina's) went OUT first thing. Happily I had a replacement (brand new -- Kris brought in on Friday), or I don't know what I'd have done, as I was out of spares!

Then the PHONES went out (!!!) and it was a hassle to get them up again. Jeff had to call the company we got the phones from and work something out so I could get assistance from them. We don't have a maintenance contract, so I'm not supposed to call them this year, no matter what. But Kris started his new job today and wasn't available -- and as it turned out, it was some Broadvox issue, so nothing I'd have done or Kris would have helped me with would have solved this. It really did require their help...

I had a new Staff person to give orientation to today -- his name is Greg. It seemed to go really well, so I'm pleased with that. But we had one heck of a time getting through it, with all the interruptions I had to deal with (!!!). I guess it's nice to be needed! (smile)

I have TONS of website stuff to do. And TONS of IT to do, as well. Another new person starts next Monday, so I had people clearing out the space she'll be using. And I met with several people all day long. Busy, busy!

Plus Mark came by late and he I spent ages talking about work and his breakup (which has him very upset, poor guy).

I have many good friends at work and it's very sweet how they miss me when I'm not around. It's good to have people happy I'm back. I'm blessed, and I do know it!

Anyway, I've got a lot to do from my home office tomorrow, that's for sure! And I'll need to get to the office and work on equipment on Friday...

Time for a much-needed nap!

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