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Blessing of the Festival -- and Clown Corps Graduation

Today was the Blessing of the Festival -- and what a perfect, sunny day we had for it.

President Sue did a GREAT job with her speech (which Marilyn wrote, as always).

Marilyn and I took off before the rose planting and reception, heading to the office. We headed directly across the street to the annual Clown Corps graduation ceremony. It's a great group of people!

I stayed up most of the night (yes, again) in order to watch the Beatification of Pope John Paul II live on TV. This morning Marilyn and I drove over to The Grotto so we could pick up some Bless John Paul II items. They had sold out of lapel pins, which was the main thing we wanted (so we could wear them on our uniform today), but we did get quite a number of other lovely thing. Right now I'm wearing my medal necklace (which I wore all day).

I watched a little bit more of the replay of the Beatification again today. What an incredible event -- and how amazing to see the crowds they drew! Again, this is another wonderful world event that I can't imagine missing.

I also saw a Divine Mercy mass (today is Divine Mercy Sunday). (You can read about why this day was chosen for the Beatification HERE, if you're interested.)

I'm tired out after a long day that comes after yesterday -- which was busy -- and a late night. But I'm feeling MUCH better, at last, and ready to go and face tomorrow at the office. It's going to be a busy day, but that's okay!

My cough from the flu is better (though not gone). I'm able to eat with the horrible intestinal problems I had this past week, thank God. I'm still fighting not to lose my voice, but I don't expect to be 100% yet. I'm puny and worn out now, but my strength will come back in time, I'm sure.

It was a delight to see all those people today. I love these wonderful people I'm lucky enough to work with and interact with. I know how very blessed I am, believe me.

Anyway, I'm off to sleep. No clue what I'll wear to work in the morning -- and we have to be there early, so...

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