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"Water for Elephants"

Two recommendations tonight!

I recently finished reading the novel "Water for Elephants," by Sara Gruen (who began this novel as a NaNoWriMo project). It's an AMAZING book -- really a wonderful read -- and currently on SALE at Amazon.Com (I got a Kindle download for $4.17.)

Marilyn and I went to see the film "Water for Elephants" (with Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and an amazing performance by Christoph Waltz as August) this evening. It's been AGES since we did anything for fun -- we didn't even get to celebrate Marilyn's birthday (which was April 7) because of first her being terribly sick with the flu, and then me. (sigh) Anyway, it was great to go out for the first time in WEEKS (!!!) -- and we both enjoyed the film. It's beautifully shot and really does a nice job of capturing the time period.

Well, I'm off to watch the coverage of the Beatification of Pope John Paul II. We watched part of the coverage earlier today during the Vigil in advance of the event, which was lovely. We've been waiting for this for months and months, so we're very excited about it!!!

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