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Still Really SICK -- AND Sick of Being Sick... (sigh)

I'm still really SICK. Yeah, it seems like I've been sick FOREVER. I'm really sick of being sick. Plus I have work I need to do. Marilyn has been WONDERFUL with me this whole time, which does make it all much easier to deal with.

Happily, I was able to sit up at the computer for HOURS today and get a bunch of work DONE -- so that's a good thing. I compressed a huge PDF down to a reasonable size (it needs to go up at two websites I manage). I got one of the most complicated pages at the festival website done today (woo hoo), and finished up another one, too. So that was all good.

I also did some email maintenance at both work (via Remote Desktop) and home. And I did some major maintenance for one of my major jump drives, too. (It literally took hours, but was well worth it.) Next I need to do backups of my two main jump drives, just to be safe...

"Glee" was good tonight. BSB appeared on "Dancing with the Stars" tonight (for those interested).

Because I still feel like crap (and am having some 'issues' health-wise), I did spend some time lying around and reading my Kindle today. I'm so grateful for my beloved Kindle! I read it almost every day.

Sister Sue and I spoke on the phone and she offered to have me go with her to Comcast. She needed a new box and she knew I did, too. But I wasn't comfortable leaving the house, so I stayed home, instead... (At least she got her new box, which she's needed forever.)

Colin jumped on the mantle in the family room and broke Marilyn's vintage plate. She's very disappointed (she loved that plate), but I admit I didn't scold him very much. Even while I was calling him a 'bad cat' and 'bad boy' and picking up pieces of broken plate, he was so PROUD of himself -- and purring like crazy. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, so it's hard to get mad.

Well, time to rest (again), I suppose. I'd hoped to be back at work (in the office) today, but I'll need to be patient, I guess. At least I'm able to sit and get work done, so that's a good thing. I'll have to take it slow and do what I can.

Wow, what a lousy flu bug. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, that's for sure! Stay healthy, everyone!

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