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Maundy Thursday

I'm feeling better, but still pretty puny. I can't believe how WEAK I am. Wow. Not like me at all!

Anyway, I've been so sick with this flu that I haven't spent nearly as much time focusing on prayer and reflection as I'd planned to during Lent this year.

Considering I haven't been doing much at all, you'd think I'd be able to pray more, but I personally find prayer requires a lot of concentration -- and I've had a hard time doing that. While I watched a lot of TV (mostly movies) with Marilyn while she was sick, I often didn't even feel like watching TV when I got sick myself.

The main thing I've done is read, which makes me even more grateful for my (beloved) Kindle. So easy to read when you can barely move your hands, by the way. So different from trying to manage a book (even a paperback). Really lovely...

I never did mention seeing the following movies, as I've posted so little to my blog this month. We saw the following:

The 2009 movie "The Cry of the Owl," which wasn't very good. It was a very odd film. A guy is stalking a woman who ends up stalking him. And that's the part that makes sense!

The 2006 movie "Little Chenier," which was a fascinating film about an area in the swamps of Cajun country (in Louisiana).

The 2009 movie "A Single Man," featuring Colin Firth (who we both love). What an AMAZING film -- really worth watching!

I went out for a break today with sister Sue (who had Levi with her). We went to Freddies and I picked up a card for friend Rich (and some bday gifts), then we had deli stuff to eat. That tiny bit of activity did me in, believe it or not...

I did color my hair yesterday, at long last. I never have had a chance to get it cut, so maybe this weekend (I'm weeks overdue).

On the religious front (smile), I have been reading my hard back copy of "Life of Christ" by Giuseppe Ricciotti (translated by Alba I. Zizzamia). It's my personal favorite book about Jesus Christ, and I've read the entire thing many times. It's nice that it's broken down by days for Passion Week, so I can read the parts that I most enjoy.

I also did some actual WORK (!!!) today. In fact, I was working right before I started this entry, and plan to go back to it after I finish this. I've got a pile of website stuff to take care of now, after being sick for so long.

Yesterday was a big deal, as I managed to SAVE the two domains for the store that I thought we'd lost (!!!). Any of you who have had domains may be aware how easy it is to lose a domain and NEVER be able to regain it -- it's happened maybe half a dozen times to Marilyn and me in the past decade. I had to spend quite a bit of time on this, but it was well worth the time and effort. Unfortunately no one at work really gets it (aside from Marilyn), so it's never going to be appreciated much. But what a pain it would have been if we would have had to buy a new domain -- then change all the documentation that sends people to the existing website!

The website had been down for two weeks (!!!), and considering we're so close to festival time, it was good to fix things NOW. Anyway, I had it back Live by the afternoon, believe it or not. What a delight. (No, I don't work with the actual website, aside from some back end things, like domain management. But that's beside the point...)

Tomorrow I have a meeting in the afternoon -- and an event in the evening. I'm not planning to go to work, but will probably do some work from home. I think one more day or staying down will do me a world of good -- and get me ready for work next week.

Marilyn and I have nothing we need to do this weekend, aside from long overdue manicures and pedicures (and my hair cut, if we can work that in). I'm glad. We can both use the rest, believe me.

Marilyn has been amazing this week, working her normal long (long) days, in spite of still being worn out from having the flu (and dealing with the nasty lingering deep cough). This is one of the worst coughs I can recall ever having -- very disturbing. I hope I don't have to go the doctor with it... (sigh)

Well, I'm all over the place with this entry! Hopefully I'll start posting again regularly now. That would be a good thing!

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