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Sick with the FLU.

Short and not sweet -- I'm down sick with the flu. Too sick to even sit up, much less sit at my computer, so this will be a quick entry...

Marilyn managed to go both to work and her tax appointment today, which I find pretty amazing. I was barely out of bed except to use the bathroom or take meds.

This is a miserable flu, no doubt about it.

And last night at 4:00 a.m. we had a prowler outside our house and I had to phone 911. The police came right away and took care of it, thankfully (great response time).

No, I'm not able to work at all right now, as shocking as that might seem. I hope I'm over this nasty bug soon -- and Marilyn, too! (sigh)

Tags: 911, flu, marilyn, marilyn-sick, police, sick, taxes, work

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