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Update On Marilyn -- And Movie Time!

Marilyn is actually worse today than she has been, I'm sorry to report. She feels pretty miserable, so it's nice when she can manage to sleep at all (she's napping as I type this). There's no question in my mind that she's not going back to work any time soon, but she does have a meeting on Thursday that she can't miss...

She has a speaking engagement on Wednesday that I'm pretty sure she'll never be able to do. And an important meeting Tuesday night that I think will have to happen without her, frankly. I guess we'll see, as she's pretty stubborn. But considering she's barely able to sit up right now, I don't picture her dressing and driving to work (!!!), period. My concern is that she not get far worse by pushing herself when she's simply not up to it. I suppose we'll see how she's feeling by tomorrow and the days after that...

I pray that she'll be better soon, of course. (And feel better, of course. But actually improving in health is the most important factor. And her scary deep cough is serious business in my book!)

Because she can't sleep much of the time, we've been watching a lot of TV -- mostly movies.

We saw the 2009 remake of "Dorian Gray," with Ben Barnes (stunning young man) and favorite Colin Firth. It was really well done. Good spin on the well-known Wilde story.

And we watched the 2010 movie "Little Fockers," featuring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. We were entertained, though we didn't find it as funny as we had expected to. But worth viewing.

Today we watched the 2010 Russell Crowe film "The Next Three Days," which was really well done and a very satisfying movie. It was never over the top (as some films can be) -- we were surprised how realistic it stayed the whole time. There wasn't a single boring moment during the entire movie. It was very engaging.

Anyway, I'd recommend all three movies, depending what you're in the mood for, of course. They were just the ticket to keep Marilyn's mind off how terrible she feels.

We've still been eating a ton of fruit (!!!), I'm happy to report. My goal will be to toss out as little as possible, though I'm sure some of it is starting to get a bit less fresh. I'm also eating away at the veggie tray, too.

Last night we finished up the last two slices of the birthday cake from Sue B. -- and it was every bit as good as the first two slices! Those small, one-layer cakes are perfect for the two of, as they stay fresh until we eat them up. Very yummy.

There isn't much else to report. We watch TV, I read and we both sleep. The cats are all over me right now (one lying tight on either side -- yikes!!!), so I'm not sleeping as well as I could wish. Can you say claustrophobia??? (smile) I love having naps with the cats, but prefer they don't make a sandwich with me as the squashed filling... (sigh)

I can't believe how little I've been on my computer (!!!) in the past five days. Seriously, I bet I could count the hours on one hand! When does that ever happen?

I imagine I'll be back to work tomorrow, though. I've got piles of website submissions that have been turned in, so...

I'm off to check on Marilyn. And the cats!

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