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No Way, LJ!

It seems like I can't ever get logged in here at LiveJournal lately. I've now missed three (!!!) days of blogging to date in April. How ridiculous is that? I've been blogging daily for almost two years prior to this... (sigh)

Marilyn remains miserable with her flu, so we've been up to very little. Watching a lot of TV, which is often true when Marilyn is down sick.

I've also been reading my Kindle (and some books).

On the somewhat amusing side, the office gave Marilyn a GIANT edible arrangement of fruit -- after she'd already received a large tray of fruit from friend Sue. Um, folks, there are only two of us here. I mean, we've got enough fruit for a party. Neither of us have been out, so I'm doing my best to eat (and eat and eat) fruit, as Marilyn isn't up to eating all that much of it...

It was a kind thought, if not a very logical one. The fruit won't stay fresh enough to share, I'm afraid, so I'm sure we'll end up throwing away far more than half of it. What a shame...

Marilyn's very deep cough is frightening, to be honest. I hope she doesn't end up with pneumonia...

Well, with luck, I'll end up being to log in to LJ and catch up. But as it's now 1:30-ish in the morning, it won't be now. (sigh)

I hope LiveJournal isn't going down permanently -- I'd hate that!

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