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Update On Marilyn...

Marilyn spent hours in the hospital last night after collapsing at work yesterday evening. The office policy for someone who is down and can't get up on their own is to call 911, so this was done. I rode with her in the ambulance to the Emergency room at Legacy Emanuel hospital, which is near our home (saying the rosary much of the way).

After many tests the determination was influenza and dehydration (with maybe a touch of exhaustion). Her office was a boiler room yesterday, as it often is when the sun hits all those windows. She's been valiantly fighting off a bug for more than a week, in spite of long days and a huge workload (with little sleep). For the record, she did take a lunch break and eat (she usually does if I'm there at the office), so it wasn't a question of being hungry this time around. And she had been drinking a bit, but clearly not enough.

Sister Sue drove immediately to join us at the hospital. We were actually in the same room I occupied there back in February (!!!) -- deja vu! (yikes)

They kept her longer than any of us would have liked, but were very busy (with people actually lining the halls!). She was finally released at 10:00 p.m. -- and by then able to walk to the car and even drive home with no problem. (Sue took us back down to the office to get the car, which we wouldn't have liked to leave there all night.)

She's been down all day today, except to go to the bathroom. This seems to be the same flu that's been going around our office -- and most people I know, period. The doctor was clear that there was a major flu bug hitting everyone, so he was pretty convinced she was a victim, as well. (I don't know if the blood test revealed that, or not. But I suspect her EKG was totally fine, so he was not looking at heart-related issues. Considering her only pain was belly pains, that made sense...)

She was nauseous at first, but they gave her something for that on the way to the hospital, so it cleared up fine. Still, the only food she could face when we got home was chili, so guess what she and I had to eat both last night and today? (smile) Well, beans are healthy and it is comfort food in our family, so...

I'm still fighting off some sniffles and a killer headache today, but that's it for me, thankfully! But I am tired, so I hope to have a nap when I finish up this blog entry...

Marilyn's flu seem to be head and chest (she's been coughing), as well as intestinal to some degree (in spite of being able to eat). She aches all over and is restless and miserable, which SUCKS considering tomorrow is her birthday! She was taking off four days (Thursday - Sunday) as a long weekend for her bday, so it's a shame she has to be ill. This is only the second weekend she's had off the entire year of 2011 (!!!), by the way. And we've got six-day weeks (and seven) in front of us after this, of course. Poor Marilyn!

Our dear friend Sue came by at some point today and left three HUGE bags of goodies! An orchid, cans of soup, crackers, a meatloaf, piles of frozen dinner entrees, a tray of fruit, a tray of veggies and a cake! The bags were so heavy I could barely lift them to bring them in the house! Who does that for others??? We feel so grateful and loved and BLESSED by friendship like this.

And sister Sue and Nicole ran me to the store to pick up some other things we wanted (chili was on the list), too.

So we're in good shape here, believe me.

For the record, I did try repeatedly to blog yesterday, but I could never get LiveJournal to work for me, I'm afraid. I may backdate and enter the entry I'd planned to write yesterday at some point, considering it's the first day I've missed in well over a year (close to two years). I can't be faulted, as I knew exactly what I wanted to write and was ready to do it (several times), had LJ not been down for ages...

Ashley took care of the many (many) meetings Marilyn was supposed to attend today, right before being off. (Four days away from work this time of year is hard for her -- and everyone else, as they count on her so much.) In fact, Ashley was a huge help to me during everything that happened last evening. As she said to me earlier yesterday, we make a good team!

Well, I'm ready for that nap now! I hope all is well with my friends. Maybe if LJ is still up later, I'll get a chance to read some entries here. I wanted to last night, but no go...

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