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Saint Isidore -- April 4

Some of you may have seen my 'Saint Isidore' icon (Saint Isidore BLESS my computer).

Isidore is a Spanish saint (560?-636), also known as St. Isidore of Seville. He did remarkable things in his lifetime. (You can read more about him HERE.)

An amazingly learned man, he was sometimes called "The Schoolmaster of the Middle Ages" because the encyclopedia he wrote was used as a textbook for nine centuries (!!!). He required seminaries to be built in every diocese, wrote a Rule for religious orders and founded schools that taught every branch of learning. Isidore wrote numerous books, including a dictionary, an encyclopedia, a history of Goths and a history of the world—beginning with creation. He served more than three decades as archbishop of Seville.

In 2003 he was suggested as the Saint of the Internet, but he's one among many candidates. Personally, I think he's a pretty good one. (smile) I've also read where some consider him the Patron Saint of computers...

Anyway, I thought he deserved mention today. Interesting, yes?

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