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Website Issues -- Here at LiveJournal and Other Places, Too...

I was trying to look something up here at LJ this morning, but the site was down. According to status (you can read it HERE):

We were hit by another severe DDoS starting early this morning. We've managed to stop the attack, and are working on fixing and remaining bugs with the site.

This seemed like a big deal when I couldn't access the info (from my own blog) that I needed, but it was much worse when the Host for the festival website went down!

I haven't bothered to phone them, because I figure there's no point. Their own site keeps going up and down (mostly down), so I'm guessing it's serious. Clearly they're aware of the problem and don't need to hear it again from me. (smile)

Seriously, they're an AMAZING Hosting service, and in all the time I've been working on the festival website, they've almost NEVER been down. So I automatically feel bad for them when something does come up.

But it means I can't get the work done I've been engaged in, so I need to walk away and do something else.

At least I can BLOG about it, considering LiveJournal is back up right now! (grin)

For any of you who might not know, THIS is where you can check the off-site status of LiveJournal. Very handy for those times when the site is totally down...

Tags: 2011, april-2011, easystreet, festival-website, hosting, internet, livejournal-problems, livejournal-status

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