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"The King's Speech" -- Editing Revisited

Marilyn, sister Sue and I went to see "The King's Speech" last night -- first time for Sue and second for the two of us.

I RECENTLY COMPLAINED about the fact that the movie had been edited, but after seeing it, I've decided I'm okay with the very minor changes that were made.

The fault, after all, is with the rating system -- and not with those who determined they needed to edit this film to get a PG rating.

Anyway, now that it is PG, it can reach a much wider audience -- and one that includes younger people, who could certainly benefit from the messages in this movie!

After the movie, Marilyn and I went shopping at WalMart. We hadn't been in AGES, so this was a good thing! And we spent far less than expected, another good thing. (smile) Happily, we're now good for bottled water, which we were almost out of! (Along with paper towels, toilet paper and on and on...)

I was disappointed today that Rafa LOST in the tennis finals. But he was clearly exhausted by the end of the match (!!!).

I've done very little work today -- just a few minor website edits. Marilyn did bills and we took them to be mailed (at the downtown post office). While we were out we picked up our prescriptions, then went to have a bite to eat at Red Robin.

Six years ago yesterday (April 2), Pope John Paul II died. His beatification will be held on May 1 this year (Divine Mercy Sunday). Not far away now!

I'm headed for a nap -- and I might even read a bit, which would be fabulous.

This will be a short work-week, as Marilyn is taking off Thursday and Friday to make a four-day weekend for her bday. (woo hoo) We're both looking forward to it!

Oh! And I just phoned Ed, Gayle's husband (she's a Royal Rosarian). Ed and I always take photos of all the events and are good pals. He was recently in the hospital for surgery that should have been simple and went bad (!!!). He spent nine days there, but is happily on the mend. I wanted to let him know I was thinking about him (and praying for him) -- and that I'd let people know he was better.

And that's it for now!

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