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Good and Busy Day!

Three rose plantings -- including Sue's -- and the weather was pretty cooperative, over all!

Sue had everyone sing "Happy Birthday" (early) for Marilyn -- then gave her a huge basket of goodies in advance.

Speaking of, sister Sue got Marilyn Britney Spears new CD and gave it to her early for her bday. What a great gift choice! Smart call by Sue. I only have a couple things and nothing special at this point. (sigh) But I do have a couple of great bday cards!

Well, I have several days left before the actual event (which falls on Thursday), so no worries. And she's taking a long weekend (Friday and Monday off) so we can do some fun stuff, which is cool. We don't plan to do any overnight things, but some day trips could be fun...

Tags: birthday, busy, cd, marilyn, marilyn's-bday, rose-plantings, sister-sue, sue-and-dennis, sue-b

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