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Another Busy Festival Day -- Deadlines!

Marilyn had an early-morning appointment, so we left the house by 7:00 a.m. today. It gave me time to go to Starbucks with Rich before starting my busy day at the festival office...

I had meetings and was running from place to place. Richard and I did meet to discuss the multitude of sponsor logos (!!!), supposedly resolving issues between us. Of course, later in the morning Jeff sent me additional logos that needed to go up on a page where I'd been told we were okay! So I was less-than-happy about that. I'm trying to get to a point where only one person tells me the skinny on logos, but it's clear that I'm not quite there, yet...

Richard still doesn't seem to get the process on website submissions, by the way. So it's a bit frustrating. But frankly, I was directing a lot of people to the online instructions for how to submit things to me! (yikes)

I had a lengthy meeting with Kris about equipment -- so hopefully I'll have new equipment (as per the 2011 budget) to put into place next week. I'm mainly worried about that because of my need for spare towers in the event of losing any computers (which almost always seems to happen). And we discussed buying the new Server.

I had festival website changes to make, and worked on them on and off all day...

Now I'm getting ready to finish up all the changes for the GF Walk website that were submitted to me today as I type this! I only barely touched any of them -- and there are quite a few more to go.

We left the office by 4:30 to head to our farewell dinner with the delegation from Sapporo, Japan (held at the Spaghetti Factory, over near our old offices). Yoko (from the PSSCA board) rode with us, and afterward we took her to the Gateway transit center where her car was parked to commute downtown. She's such a lovely lady! Marilyn and I sat next to her and Thom at dinner, and across the table from Charley and one of the youth delegates (and her host). The food and drinks were GREAT as always (I love that place and haven't been there for years).

I seriously need to DL photos (!!!) from recent things I've shot -- especially considering we have an entire day tomorrow of more photos I'll be taking.

Bright and early (sigh) we'll be heading out to the various rose plantings that happen each year -- and we'll be attending all three, which doesn't always happen for us. I'm just praying the weather won't be too nasty, as this happens outside ('plantings') -- and rain is expected.

Today the weather was lovely! It was warmer and dry, if cloudy, and actually seemed like a spring day.

In other news (smile), how do you feel about the editing of the movie "The King's Speech" (discussed HERE) to give it a PG-13 rating? Personally, I can't even say how WRONG I feel it is to take an Academy Award Winning movie and CUT IT UP to change the rating. This appears to be about $$$ (surprise), and a chance to earn far more after the edit. I'm certainly hopeful the release of the movie to DVD will include the chance to purchase the ORIGINAL version (!!!).

I recently say the episode of "Sex and the City" where Samantha was 'saved' by John F. Kennedy, Jr. -- which was later changed to be Leonardo diCaprio. While I'm a Leonardo fan, it's always bothered me that we can't see the original version because Kennedy died as he did... Probably a stupid comparison, but whatever...

Well, I need to get to work, so I'll close for now.

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