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Better Facebook? Yep!

I discovered Better Facebook today -- and WOW, does it ever make Facebook BETTER!!! If you've never heard of it, you should check it out. You won't be sorry...

One of the things it does it get rid of the new 'Lightbox' (aka 'Theater') photo viewer, which I personally HATE. (And many others have told me they hate it, too.) If it only did that one thing alone it would be worth having! (smile)

It has a number of cool settings and I'm currently playing around with several to see what's what. It has the option to left align, rather than center -- and I like that.

Sister Sue and I went for Starbucks today, which was nice!

Work today?

I did website stuff from home, including two different news items (both were more complicated than the average News at our website, but that was okay). Because of the new service I've put up at the website, it's SIMPLE to share news items with ONE CLICK (!!!) -- both to Facebook and Twitter (and a score of other social medias, too). I'm so excited about it! I can't wait to put the code up on all of our webpages...

Marilyn is the one who had the really crazy day, full of meetings and work!!! (yikes)

We're planning to SHOP (!!!) tonight, which we need to do. And then we have a bunch more work to get done. It makes me tired to think about that (grin).

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