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Okay, I know I say that a lot right now (smile), but seriously, today was maxed out. It's now headed toward 11:00 p.m. and I'm FINALLY done with festival work for the day (!!!).

Now I need to go and finish up the garbage and recycling... (sigh) At least the cat boxes are cleaned and most of the recycling is out. But I've barely touched the garbage.

So my day?

I was supposed to be working AT HOME (!!!) today. Fat chance. The Server was down (???), so I had to go in to start it (and actually did a restart, just to be safe). Then there was no point in going right home again, so I started working on the NEW (RoZone) webpage that needs to be launched tomorrow. This meant a new header banner, images and so on (with sponsor stuff).

Plus re-work the ticket page.

Plus work on the CityFair pages (CityFair will launch officially now, too).

Plus work on sponsor logos for all over the place (!!!).

Marilyn brought me home in the afternoon, as I had to also pick up and vacuum the living room (with Amanda coming tonight). Plus pick up my bathroom (and clean the toilet). Plus tidy up the kitchen.

And the garbage and recycling were looming, even earlier in the day...

I'm so TIRED right now. I need coffee. BAD. Fortunately, I just brewed a pot! I can't wait to have a cup.

Dinner was simple -- bun sandwiches with leftover chicken from the casserole I made recently. I was STARVING by time to eat.

No down time at all today. And no nap tonight. And tomorrow promises to be busy, as well. The GF Walk website needs major tweaking before Friday (!!!). Plus there will be a News item to do for the festival website...

Not complaining, mind you. Even when it's crazy and I'm blinking like mad because I've been staring at either code or images all day long, I still love my job. And love my life! (And my schedule is NOTHING compared to Marilyn's -- you can believe that!)

Talking with Amanda tonight was good, as always. She's a very cool person.

Well, the garbage and recycling is calling my name, so I need to go finish it up...

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