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Another Busy and Successful Day!

Rich and I did start the day with Starbucks, thankfully! It's become a tradition now to take the new person there first thing. I had an iced black tea lemonade -- a sure sign that spring is here (in spite of the continued cold). Speaking of weather, it was a NASTY day! Not only cold, but pouring rain. (ugh)

Jenna (the new PR intern) is oriented -- meaning I only have one more person to meet with this season (Shannon, Marilyn's intern -- in May). Because it was Staff meeting day, I did part of that before the meeting, and finished after Communications meeting had ended.

Staff meeting had a lot to cover, as there was no meeting last week. Communications meeting also had a lot to cover, plus we had a guest -- Kim -- who will be doing the Social Media for Rose Cup (Facebook and Twitter). She's a volunteer, like me -- and did she ever seem savvy! She knows a ton about racing, so she's perfect for this role...

Two of the people from our Sapporo (Japan) delegation came by for a tour of the office at 3:00 p.m. -- which was very cool! The chaperone, who is a male teacher, plus the adult woman speech winner -- plus the delightful Chiyoko from the PSSCA board, who was escorting them. (Chiyoko had been sick last night, so it was wonderful that she was better and able to be there at all!)

Kris phoned just as I was trying to take care of something Marilyn needed -- so that was a crazy moment! Poor Kris. He phoned yesterday for me just as I was heading to City Hall, so I couldn't speak to him then, either. And today he had someone come to me telling me he was standing by with a tech, so I had to hurry to get to him (and had a phone call dropped... sigh...). Normally I'm always able to take his calls, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in other work that I can't. I think I need to explain and apologize at some point!

No, we didn't get to WalMart shopping last night -- nor did we tonight. We're just so tired by the end of the day now. It's hard to get any errands taken care of when we get home. We're pretty done after we have dinner...

I have 1,388 Followers at Twitter now -- and 456 Friends at Facebook. I don't seem to be using either one the way I should, frankly. Social Media is important to me personally, but it's also important for work. I need to force myself to make more time for it. As always, LiveJournal remains my most important thing. I love to blog and interact with my LJ Friends, and I suspect it will always be number one in my book.

I need to do some actual cleaning tomorrow (!!!) before Amanda comes for Marilyn's therapy tomorrow night. And I'd like to maybe cook a little, too. But I have a TON of actual work to cover -- so it should be another busy day! (And it's also garbage and recycling day, of course. I hope it doesn't pour down rain again!)

Well, I need to get to bed. I'm beat. I guess right now it's all I can do to hang in there, which is okay, I suppose. My blood count continues to be low (very low this morning, again), so I need to talk to my doctor at some point. It's low enough to be scary sometimes -- and I have lows during the night. While high blood counts aren't good for me, lows can be life-threatening (as Marilyn pointed out this morning -- and as I'm well aware). The new prescription may be working to lower my count, but the question is whether or not it's working TOO well. (sigh)

Oh! And Henry is better today again, thanks to his medicine! He's still not 100%, but it's wonderful to see the improvement.

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