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Nap Time -- Then Shopping...

It was another VERY busy day (!!!) today. We had our event at City Hall (photos aren't DLed yet, I'm afraid) -- and I cried more than once. The speeches the delegates from Sapporo, Japan gave were AMAZING and moving! Imagine writing a speech in another language -- then being expected to present the speech, as well! They spoke such great English -- it was quite impressive.

Marilyn really did her thing to make sure this wasn't a non-event (which it apparently was last year, from all reports). We did end up with a Commissioner there after all, which was cool!

Sister Sue came and brought along both Nicole and Madyson (her granddaughters). And there was a good turn-out.

I came home early (around 3:00 in the afternoon) so I could check on Henry, who is quite ill again (as I mentioned yesterday). I did speak with the vet's office and they refilled his pills (woo hoo) without seeing him. And he was doing better when I got home and actually met me at the door! Good boy. Hopefully both Colin and Henry will come and take a nap with me now...

I made another chicken noodle casserole (slight changes) starting around 4:00, so it was ready when Marilyn got home from work around 7:00. (She got away on time to pick up Henry's pills before the vet closed at 7:00 p.m. I was proud of her for managing it -- as I know it's not easy for her to break away...)

We need to go shop at WalMart tonight, so we'll get up late (around midnight, I imagine) and head over to Washington. Sister Sue might join us.

Then tomorrow I have another orientation of a new intern -- my last one until May. Jenna's computer is all set up (I checked it today), so hopefully it will go smoothly.

And Laura called with a computer emergency this afternoon -- but Kris dropped by for Carol's Ticket Master emergency from this morning and fixed Mackenzie's computer (that had a Trojan and some Malware). I was so glad to hear that! You never know these days, as I've had some computers go belly up when crap gets on them (or cost so much to fix we could have bought a new tower to replace 'em)... Kris is my hero again!

Yes, I did see June and Jim briefly, too -- which was nice!

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