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I've spent almost the entire day SLEEPING.

No, I'm not kidding. I guess being sick and not getting enough sleep all week -- plus everything we did yesterday -- just caught up with me.

Anyway, all I've done today is watch a tiny (very small) amount of TV, read (my book on CSS) and sleep. Although I've had sick cats (!!!), which meant cleaning up after both of them. Henry seems to have bad fur balls -- and his pattern of illness may be back. (sigh) We probably need to get him back in to see the vet. (And he's out of pills.) And Colin? I don't know. He was so sick last night he spit at me when I was trying to settle him in his cat bed (!!!). And his nose was hot and his body felt warm. He may be better today, though...

For that matter, I think Marilyn is trying to fight off a bug, feeling poorly today. It's little wonder with all the bugs running around right now! She's been exposed everywhere (at home, work and various places she's been). So she's been sleeping a lot today, too.

Tomorrow is a BIG day for us (!!!), so I'm glad we took it easy today.

No, Sue (I'm sure you'll read this), we didn't get our manicures. Nor did I get my hair cut (sigh). But I don't even care. We'll just manage the errands when we can.

But we'll need to get GAS first thing tomorrow, as we're out (!!!). I need to be sure Marilyn doesn't forget about it, as we'd planned to get it today...

Well, that's my Sunday. I'm heading back to bed now!

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