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Exciting Saturday!

So, what was our day like? Well, I need to share PHOTOS, because we had a very busy Saturday!

We started out at the Portland airport first thing this morning, greeting the goodwill delegation from Sapporo, Japan that we've been looking forward to for ages. (We were afraid at one point that perhaps they'd be unable to come, after the disaster in Japan.) Sister Sue went along with Marilyn and me, the Royal Rosarians and PSSCA board members. And we discovered that the Barbara Streisand of Japan,' Saori Yuki, had arrived on the same plane! She was invited to a local concert to raise donations for Japan by Thomas M. Lauderdale (of Pink Martini) -- the concert sold out immediately, so they decided to hold a second one, which also sold out immediately (!!!).

Anyway, check out this video and see if you can catch a glimpse of both Marilyn and me. We had no clue we'd been on the news until our cousin Linda mentioned it at Facebook. (smile)

(Hear that voice saying "Everybody smile!"??? That's me!)

I was so moved by seeing the delegation that I was in happy tears at one point.

After this event, Marilyn, Sue and I headed to Elmer's for breakfast. Annunciation day (yesterday) is Waffle Day in many places around the world, so Marilyn and I wanted waffles! Elmer's has great food -- and we got our waffles. (smile)

Then off to the office and on to our next event, Awakening the Dragons! Here's video coverage of that event (no, you won't see Marilyn or me this time).

I did get slews of photos, so I should take time to share at some point...

The flowers neighbor Rose gave us were a perfect gift for PSSCA President Thom to present to Saori (the arrangement even looked Japanese!).

And at both events, I did my usual 'official' photographer thing. (grin) I had a woman at the airport who was also taking photos thank me for getting everyone arranged just so. I laughed and told her I've been doing it for years for the festival, so it's easy for me. I just order everyone around and remind them it's not about whatever they're doing -- it's about the PICTURE that shows them doing it! I've made people reenact things so many times, you've no idea. Seriously.

After that we went back to the office and worked a bit, then came home pretty exhausted -- so we headed for a much-needed nap. We thought about a movie tonight, but decided to skip it. It was a busy day and we were bushed. Maybe tomorrow...

Of course, I need a HAIR CUT (!!!) tomorrow -- and we have to go for manicures (sigh). Plus we have a bunch of work to do...

Marilyn just read a nice note from Thom thanking both of us for everything. We not only took the flowers, but had a huge gift basket and small gift bags for the Sapporo visitors. Monday they'll be at City Hall (arranged by Marilyn) to give the winning speeches that brought them here. I can't wait!

Have I said lately how much I love my life? I feel so very blessed.

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