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Home Again Today -- Conference Call Meeting.

So I was sick to my stomach much of the day. All I could face was bread with butter and honey in the morning, and bread and butter in the afternoon for lunch. But I made a chicken noodle casserole for dinner that turned out nice -- and I was able to eat it just fine. We had it with the Italian bread I'd been eating all day -- really excellent bread.

I did my Thursday meeting with Jeff, Carol and Marilyn via a conference call. We had a good discussion and I think I'll be able to do what everyone wants for the webpage in question. We'll have to see how that goes, as I need some service to work with before proceeding.

Then I spent hours today trying to finally manage an effect I've wanted to do for years. I kept struggling with it, but by the end of the day I finally had something working. So now I just need to play around with the actual page where I want this code to go -- and we'll see how it turns out. It requires Javascript, and I try not to rely on that too much as a rule. But let's face it, it's necessary for certain effects -- so why not use it?

This effect will allow me to have text links that when clicked display popup images -- and the effect is smooth and attractive. I used a rather large image to test the effect, because one of the nice things is that it allows you to display an image that normally wouldn't fit inside the narrow confines of the columns of the websites I work with. Imagine you have a big photo you want to share, but it's not going to 'fit' at your website. With this code, you could show text (or even a thumbnail) that when clicked would display it as a popup -- right on the SAME PAGE! No navigating away somewhere else. It's nifty stuff, that's for sure!

This code will work for other things besides photos, which I find pretty cool. I need to mess around with it more to see how it goes. But it was worth the time and trouble, anyway.

As for how I'm feeling, I am better -- even though not 100%. This backache is driving me nuts, so I have been taking painkillers for that. But I probably could have gone to work today, if I'd felt like I really needed to...

Marilyn was home before 7:00 tonight (!!!), which was exciting! It hardly ever happens, so that was a very good thing. Now we're both headed for naps.

Today is Nicole's 13th birthday -- she's a teenager now. Wow, time flies! (She's Sue's granddaughter, Candy's daughter and so on... And Candy and Nicole live with sister Sue.) Nicole is a really lovely girl, though she doesn't believe it. (She's terribly shy, I'm sorry to say.)

It sounds like Sue may have the flu now. She was still planning to go to cribbage tonight, though...

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