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Sigh. I've Been Missing Suggestions (of course)...

Well, because I count on notifications (that are currently not working for me) to be prompted about commenting to suggestions, naturally I missed a bunch. (sigh)

Yeah, I know many of you will say I should just manually check and see if things have been posted (as I just did).

Look, I get that as an answer, but this is such a busy time of year for me, work-wise. With notifications, I always know what's going on -- and I've come to count on them. Without notifications, it's very hard. That's all.

I don't know why, but I've felt it was important to participate with suggestions -- and I've done it for years (since 2005). Maybe it doesn't matter, but I still feel committed to this goal.

And I'm sure some of you will point out that if I'm committed, I'll just need to find another way to participate. Well, I'll try, anyway. (sigh)

I never totally realized how important notifications were to me until now. (big sigh) And another thing? I love HAVING them. I save them ALL. I sometimes go back and re-read them. It makes me feel bad not to have them all in my email, neatly filed away...

Well, I'm dropping it -- for now. Nap time is calling my name.

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