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Garbage and Recycling... You'd Think I'd Be DONE By Now...

I'm slowly (very slowly) doing the garbage and recycling this week. I have the cat boxes cleaned and the recycling out and much of the garbage gathered -- but not all, yet.

I've been pretty puny while working on it -- and taking long rest spells as I go along. This flu bug knocked me down, that's for sure. But I was much, much better today, thankfully! I should have no trouble going to work tomorrow.

Sister Sue and I went to Freddies and she treated me to Starbucks! Very nice. We've seen each other two days in a row (!!!), a good thing.

It's currently close to 8:00 p.m., and Marilyn (of course) is still at work. I know she had a scone to eat at one point, but I doubt she's had anything else. So she'll probably be starved when she (finally) gets home...

I did some website stuff today (minor). And I checked many of my old posts to see if I'd missed comments from friends (of course, considering the no-notices thing) -- and I replied to several. Now I need to go read my LJ Friends and catch up a bit. (smile) When you're busy it's hard to keep up!

That reminds me: I normally know if people are posting suggestions from notices, so I've probably been missing these lately (!!!). Wow, the idea just BURNS ME SO BAD that I don't know what to say about it! I almost never miss commenting on suggestions -- and that's been true since 2005, by the way.

Marilyn tried changing her notices to her Yahoo! email account, but it hasn't helped at all. She hasn't seen a one in days...

Well, it's now past 10:00. Marilyn got home just after 8:00 and I started making dinner and totally forgot about blogging. We had dinner and dessert and I finished up the garbage and recycling (in the RAIN... sigh...). And here I am, wrapping up my blog for today (finally)!

I'm anxious for a nap (!!!) before facing work tomorrow. I'm weak, but eating okay. (You'd think I could have gone longer not eating, which would be a good thing. Oh well...) No terrible pain today, anyway. Still a little achy (that and being restless kept me awake almost all night last night), but not too bad, really. I'm glad to be over this bug!

I wonder if I'll finish my Louis L'Amour book before I drift off? I was doing pretty well last night and probably only have 30+ pages left to read. So I guess we'll see! It's been an enjoyable read -- I'm glad I got the book.

(See, Sue??? I am still reading paperback and hardback books -- and not just my Kindle!)
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