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Sick Today -- Better Tonight...

I was very sick this morning. Awful stomach pains and the runs and low blood sugar and nausea. I forced down a bowl of cereal early (because of hiccups and very low blood sugar) -- then had pain and the runs and didn't end up going to work. (I was glad Marilyn made me stay home, because I didn't have the runs bad until after she'd left...)

I was chilled and took a hot bath, then actually went to bed for around an hour -- until I got a phone call from Marilyn from work and needed to do the News item for the website.

I'd happily started it, so it wasn't that hard to get it finished and up. I wasn't concentrating that well, so at one point I was trying to figure out why I couldn't get a link to work -- and the problem was that I was coding the wrong page (!!!). But I did finally get it done correctly. And I did some Facebook stuff (related to the News item). So it was all good.

As for the event today (that I missed), it was a BIG SUCCESS!!! Marilyn and Rich were understandably proud to get three cameras from TV news, plus two radio stations -- and the news had already been dropped by two newspapers in advance (!!!). Lots of people showed up, Keegan Smith performed as an opener (he'll also be at CityFair), there was a Q&A, Randy Leonard spoke and on and on. The event logo rocks (and the colors are great for our website) -- and people are excited! All good. Very good!

Sister Sue took me to shop around 3:00 p.m. -- and I got very little, as I wasn't really up to it. But I ate a bite at Freddie's deli, which made me feel better. (My blood was really low again by 1:30-ish, even though I DID NOT take my meds this morning! What gives with that? Usually running a fever will make you high, not low -- and I'm running a fever.)

I did nap on the sofa for around an hour at one point, then Marilyn actually got home early (for her) -- I think she was here between 5:30 and 6:00. The headache I had this afternoon (before my short nap) was BRUTAL, but it's blessedly gone now.

Marilyn and I had a nice dinner, and a fun dessert that I got at Freddies today -- Edwards Frozen Dessert Singles (we had the Hershey's Chocolate Creme Pie Slices). I don't know if any of you recall the frozen chocolate pies that we remembered from our childhood (???), but this tastes just like that! Wonderful. A slice of heaven. (smile)

And after eating we played our HOG game for a bit, then watched some TV (after "Jeopardy" we saw "Mayor of the Sunset Strip" -- the movie that features the life of Rodney Bingenheimer. Do any of you remember Rodney? An amazing guy. (A total part of our youth, by the way.)

Well, on that note, I feel a nap coming on...

Happily I don't need to work tomorrow. And I canceled having Donn over for the computers, so all I need to do is the garbage and recycling. But I have a meeting with Jeff, Carol and Marilyn about the website on Thursday, so I do need to be there. Hopefully I'll be over this bug entirely by then.

According to Sue, I need to start checking my entries and looking for comments. (sigh) Otherwise I'm going to miss them all, it seems... Hopefully I can do that when I feeling a bit better. Today I barely wanted to sit at my computer at all.

Dinner was like a PARTY (as we like to say), so it totally made up for feeling so lousy today! (woo hoo)

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